God’s First Class Lady ® is an annual conference for women designed to encourage and embrace the heart and spirit of women from all cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds. This conference is the vision of Apostle Demosha A. Speller, co-founder and co-pastor of House of Faith Community Church in Allen, Texas. It has become the blueprint that God uses to propel women into their divine calling, by teaching, training, and mentoring women to accept their rightful position, not only in the Kingdom, but in their homes, workplace, and society.

Apostle Speller, who operates in the five-fold ministry mantle, is a dynamic, anointed and powerful gifted prophetic teacher and end-time prophetess, who is used to bring healing, deliverance, restoration, and salvation to many in the Body of Christ. Operating in the gift of knowledge, her prophetic dimension is one that destroys the chains of bondage, depression, oppression, molestation, suicide, and insecurity off the lives of women.

In one of her conference’s curriculum, “Peeling Back the Layers to Discover Your True Identity”, Apostle Speller actively demonstrates the roles or hats women wear and has allowed them to be accepted as truths in their lives. Her profound teaching style helps to eradicate the falsehood women have embraced as women, thereby allowing women to see themselves through God’s eyes. If you desire for Apostle Speller to bring “God’s First Class Lady ® Women’s Conference, Peeling Back the Layers to Discover Your True Identity” workshop to a city near you, please complete the request form on the Contact Us page.